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Downloading on iPhone

Firstly, make sure you're opening your download link in Safari.

This process will not work in Chrome, unfortunately.

Downloading on iPhone

Next, hit the 'Share' button at the bottom of the screen. It's a box with an arrow in it.

If it's not at the bottom of your screen, you're not in Safari.

Downloading on iPhone

Once you're in the 'Share' menu, you need to be hitting 'Save to Files'.

'Save to Files' is Safari only functionality. Which is why this can't be done in Chrome.

Downloading on iPhone

This is where you can select where you want to download your file to.

It's entirely personal preference where you put your download. You'll more than likely be finding it again through 'Recent' at a later date anyway.

Downloading on iPhone

Now it's time to head to your files, and go to wherever you downloaded it to.

As we've mention previously, you could also find the file by looking at your 'Recents'.

Downloading on iPhone

You can now play your audio download.



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