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I'm Francesca Amber.

The law of attraction has changed my life & I’m passionate about it changing yours too. I’ve been studying & sharing this subject for over 10 years now using what I’ve learnt to completely change my life for the better.

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I’ve been curious about the law of attraction for over 15 years now, practicing, manifesting & reading all I can about it. I can tell you it’s changed my life in ways I could only imagine, including:

Buy property in London

on a secretary’s wage at age 24

Manifest my husband

by putting his picture on a vision board 2 years before I met him

Have a book published

& become a Waterstones Paperback of the Year in 2008

Quit my job

& set up my own successful beauty salon


to have three healthy baby girls

Buy a second home

whilst being a single mum

Manifest babies genders

- even though an early DNA test told me I was having a boy!

Start a UK #1 podcast

in lockdown, in the category of self development

Want good shit to happen in your life too?

I’m just a basic bitch making shit happen.

Everything I have I owe to the law of attraction and my practice of it. It is my passion to transform as many lives as possible by sharing what I know.

I do this through my number 1 podcast, Law of Attraction Changed My Life, my book club, Francesca’s Book Club Bitches,and Online Courses.

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My Manifesting Secret Weapon

I’ve been listening to subliminals for the last year or so & it’s had a dramatic impact on my life. Not only are they powerful but so easy & effortless to insert into your daily rituals.

I only had access to a wealth audio & I wanted to manifest so much more - so I created my own. I curated a list of over 100 powerful affirmations & put them on repeat with a relaxing meditation music on top. Some audios feature crashing waves.

The audio levels are as such that on the subliminals my voice will be barely audible (if at all) and that’s perfect - it will go in effortlessly to your subconscious.

On a couple of the themes (such as peaceful parenting & kids) I have replicated the track but made my voice easily heard. This is an affirmation audio.

You only need to see the reviews to see they’re a game changer for manifesting.

Easily downloadable to your phone, you can even listen offline. You should aim to listen every day if you can whilst getting ready, cooking or sleeping. It’s zero effort & maximum impact - try today!


Fall in love with the process of becoming the very best version of yourself

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Book Club Bitches

Get ready to up-level your finances, your business, love life, family & friends - and most importantly your mindset.

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Subliminal Audio

Listen to a variety of subliminal and affirmation audio. Subliminal perception is a result of a deliberately designed communication technique aimed at generating a response, so that people will do things they wouldn’t ordinarily do.

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Online Courses

Transform your outlook and condition yourself for changing your life for the better. Join me as I teach you the way of Manifesting Money, Manifesting Your Perfect Side Hustle & How to Set Up A Spray Tan Biz!

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