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Subliminal Audio

Affirmations and subliminals are incredibly powerful if listened to daily & are easy to insert into your bedtime routine.  In addition, that time between waking & sleeping is particularly susceptible to positive messaging.

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My Manifesting Secret Weapon

I’ve been listening to subliminals for the last year or so & it’s had a dramatic impact on my life. Not only are they powerful but so easy & effortless to insert into your daily rituals.

Each audio contains over 100 unique, powerful affirmations that are repeated many times. They are masked by relaxing meditation music which is such easy listening. Some audios feature crashing waves.

The audio levels are as such that on the subliminals my voice will be barely audible (if at all) and that’s perfect - it will go in effortlessly to your subconscious.

On a couple of the themes (such as peaceful parenting & kids) I have replicated the track but made my voice easily heard. This is an affirmation audio. Some subjects you can buy both together as a bundle. It’s purely personal preference which you prefer - subliminal or affirmations but it is widely accepted that subliminals are more powerful.

You only need to see the reviews to see they’re a game changer for manifesting.

Easily downloadable to your phone, you can even listen offline. You should aim to listen every day if you can whilst getting ready, cooking or sleeping. It’s zero effort & maximum impact - try today!


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