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Zoom Guided Visualisation Meditation
Zoom Guided Visualisation Meditation
Zoom Guided Visualisation Meditation
Zoom Guided Visualisation Meditation

Guided Visualisation Meditation

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Visualisation is one of the most powerful manifesting techniques I have ever used, but with life & a million things trying to grab our attention it’s hard to be intentional & find the right moment to really visualise our goals in our mind’s eye.

That’s why I’ve created a short, 20 minute guided visualisation meditation to take the guess work out.

Follow me on a relaxing 20-minute journey to bring your vague goals into a vivid, vibrant visualisation. Listen when relaxing, in the bath or before you go to sleep. Play regularly to empower your manifestations into being.

Choose from Manifest Your Goals, Perfect Health & Healing or Wealth.

Manifest Your Goals is my favourite as it leaves your visualisation possibilities wide open to use again & again for different goals.

Perfect Health & Healing was such a beautiful & powerful one to record because I know how much visualisation can help with healing. Play regularly to assist in recovery from anything that ails you or if you just want to boost your health & well-being.

Wealth is a great one because it works to break down your limiting beliefs around money & encourages you to visualise your new rich life & what wealth means to you.

All meditations are set to relaxing music which is played at 420hz, commonly known as the ‘healing frequency’.

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Guided Visualisation Meditation

£3.33 GBP

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