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Francesca's Self Development Book Club

Think of me as your personal trainer for self-development books!

Sure, anyone can go buy a book and leave it unread on their shelf for years. It’s like you could run around the park every morning at 7 am – but will you? With me by your side, I ensure you not only pick up those books but also get the most out of them.

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Here's what you will get...

Curated book selection

Each month, I choose incredible and diverse books that will transform your life and together we vote on the book we would like to do.

Chapter-by-chapter coaching

I guide you through each chapter, summarising key points, reading standout sections, and walking you through exercises with a podcast episode per chapter.

Engaging community

Join the amazing community of Book Club Bitches who will keep you accountable and cheer you on. We share our progress and ideas to help each other.

Why should you join?

A new chapter every couple of days quickly becomes 12 books a year - imagine how much knowledge you will have this time next year?

Transform Your Life:

Finances: Gain insights and strategies to improve your financial well-being.

Business: Elevate your business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit.

Love Life: Enhance your relationships and find deeper connections.

Family & Friends: Foster meaningful and supportive relationships.

Mindset: Cultivate a growth mindset and achieve your personal goals.

Get ready to up-level your finances, your business, love life, family & friends - and most importantly your mindset.

Let's Do This

How does it work?

1. Subscribe. Join the club and get access to the full back catalogue and future episodes.

2. Get your books. E-book or physical, whatever you prefer, buy the book if you would like to follow along!

3. Engage. Join our Facebook group of like-minded Book Club Bitches to join discussions and make life-long friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the book club hosted on?

The book club is currently hosted on the popular platform Patreon. This platform is used by many content creators and allows you to manage your own account

Can I cancel at any time?

You can cancel at any time - no hard feelings. Sometimes things get in the way, but I am always here when you are ready to come back. You can cancel your membership in your Patreon account.

Can I listen to the podcast episodes in Apple Podcasts?

Yes! In the Patreon app you can get an RSS feed to listen to the book club episodes in your own app. Click here for instructions.

30 Day Free Trial of Audible

Prefer to listen to books rather than read?

Use Audible to listen to the Book Club Books and many other best selling titles.

Now you can work on self development whilst you drive, work or complete household tasks.

Try 30 days for FREE cancel any time.

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Become a Book Club Bitch!

Join over 3,000 like-minded people on a different journey into self development each month. Your future self will thank you.

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